Who Are We?

The ND Ballroom Club offers ballroom dancing opportunities for every level of dance ability. We have weekly lessons for beginners who have never danced ballroom before, weekly social lessons for people who want to learn a few steps and just dance, in-depth lessons for beginners who are serious about learning to dance, advanced lessons for experienced ballroom dancers, and competition opportunities for anyone who is interested in dancing competitively. Whatever your interests are, we are sure to have something you will enjoy!

Dance Lessons

The club offers lessons for several dance styles:

  • Social Lessons: Wednesday from 8:00–9:45pm in RSRC AR 1.
  • American Lessons: Thursday from 8:00–10:30pm in RSRC AR 2.
  • Latin Lessons: Monday from 8:00–11:00pm in Rockne 205.

Dance Competitions

We will be attending a number of competitions for the 2014–2015 academic year!

On-Campus Events

This year, we will participate in other on-campus events hosted by other clubs and organizations:

  • Welsh Fam Dance Fest
  • Project Fresh Show